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To me it seems I’ve known Devakrishna for eons. Somehow he was always around in the communes and that was strangely sufficient…later, I would enjoy looking at his website and of course ordered the first comic he created which is now a precious first edition!
He said that Sw. Satyaloka, who did the first draft and sketches, after he had the idea in 1988 of making the comic about Osho and the commune he presented a first draft to Osho, who apparently said, ”What is this – a kids’ book?” When he then saw caricatures of Niskriya and Sadarji inside he said, ”Publish it!”
The comic tells about the search of finding the master and consequently inner transformation. Devakrishna said that rather having Osho as a comic character, he came up with an empty chair that talks and zooms about. The drawings are fun, not only because several of the characters are easily recognizable, such as Nivedano, Sadarji, and Niskirya to name a few. Check out the prologue, the characters and more at! The comic is now available as paperback and in Kindle format at all Amazon sites.
I feel it is entirely possible that one day this comic will have such a huge readership as the currently popular ones that pale in comparison to the joy, power, humor and wisdom The Mystic Rose is bursting with.

Devakrishna is Swiss-Italian and lives and works his atelier in Ticino, Switzerland. He creates contemporary and objective art and has won a variety of awards. His paintings show powerful strokes and colour; for texture he uses recycling materials, plaster, and mixed media. He said:

“I collect waste materials around the house and mix it with old jewelry, embroidery and old bead-works that I buy at local flee-markets on my travels to Asia. With that I let go and create interesting free floating compositions of forms and colors. I enjoy the process of transformation from ugliness to beauty, from darkness into light…it is indeed a kind of alchemy.”

Painting and creating is his life and meditation:

“To me, painting is a meditative act. When I paint I am totally lost in the act of painting. It is a 'no- mind' experience. What I am left with afterwards is a canvas that wants to go, wants to make someone or some place happy. When that happens I feel honored and grateful; I feel I gave a little something, a little beauty to the world.”

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