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23 illustrations developed from Faiz Kermani's drawings for his second children book
'A First Guide to Space Creatures'.

Illustrations for Kermani Children Book

In his spare time, away from his day job, Faiz Kermani enjoys writing children's books. A few years ago he wrote "My Alien Penfriend" (published by AuthorHouse), a novel for young adult readers about two children living on opposite sides of the galaxy - one earthling, one extraterrestrial - who communicate and forge a strong friendship.

His latest book is the environmentally-inspired "A First Guide to Space Creatures". Drawing upon the journal entries of Ambassador Ticklydung, a renowned alien diplomat from the planet Krobol, the book explores some of the mysterious and amusing creatures that live around the universe. Faiz's original pen and ink sketches have been transformed by Devakrishna Marco Giollo into magnificent masterpieces of space art that Ambassador Ticklydung himself would be proud to include in his sold.

Faiz Kermani


Author Showcase:
Faiz Kermani on Space and Aliens
by Bianca Schulze

2010 Literary Awards Finalists
category: Young Reader 8 to 12

Faiz Kermani / Marco Giollo 2011 Honorable Mention at the US Reader Views Literary Awards
category: Young Reader 8 to 12

2011 Wishing Shelf Independent Book second prize Award
category: Young Reader 6 to 8

interview: Ambassador Ticklydung

Englishbuy the book in english: A First Guide to Space Creatures
Deutschbuy the book in german: Das kleine Weltraumwesen-Handbuch

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